February 16 2022 AGM

UpdatedThursday March 3, 2022 byKen Shymka.


League AGM - Agenda

Vancouver Women’s Fastpitch League

February 16, 2022 @ 6:30pm - ZOOM




In Attendance

Katie Jones, Ken, Sanj, Kristy McDonald, Elicia, Liana Buljevic, Mikayla, Karen Schmidt, Karina Linder



Start 6:30pm. 



Old Business




  • VWFL discusses and accepts an interlock season with VWRSL.
  • There will be a joint executive meeting with VWFL / VWRSL on Wednesday, February 23, 2022 to discuss details. 


Team/Player Inventory


  • Rebels – 7-9 players. 
  • Lomas – 5-6 + 2 ex wildcats. 
  • Avalanche – still in moody league. Was a team in north van that folded in moody league that Kiren has contact for and happy to reach out and promote our league to them. Katie will confirm with them in the weeks to come. 
  • Panthers  - NO team. Will send list of positions so kristy so can tag on another team. 
  • VWRSL teams – 4 teams. 
  • Approximately 7 total teams for interock. 


New Player Interest


  • Ken met with president and VP of Vancouver minor softball assoc to having both leagues support eachother. 
  • Got logo and information back on website. Sharing their info on our website. Also working with them to raise awareness to graduated players. About 45 players got an email. The same one we drafted years ago. Not sure of response. Many play ball with vwfl. Katie will get those. Ongoing process. Sharing advertising costs. Lawn signs vwfl. 
  • Final banners around city. 
  • Concern that there is no regulation behind this. Most clubs post at parks. We add ours to other leagues. 
  • VMFL posters up at fitness studios. 
  • Good life fitness put up our posters. Working with them for sponsorship with shared advertisement. For their members. 
  • Website is up. Transition so may need to get new host. 
  • Working directly with Softball BC - League websites will have our logo. 
  • Contact at Softball BC wants to meet with our league and VWRSL to see what SBBC has for our leagues. 
  • External Interest in our league Katie provided update: 5 or 6 new emails to join our leagues. Positive result. 


Field Permits


  • Permits are confirmed. 
  • Because of historical way permits roll over each year, not good case scenario this year as it ends early (July 9th).  Katie contacted Naomi that it is too early. VWFL applied for an additional week in order have our season extend to July 16/17th weekend. Waiting at this point for confirmation; takes about 2 weeks or less. 
  • Don’t have a cost just yet. 
  • Umpire fees might have changed so need to find out for our next meeting.


League Insurance


  • Southhill insurance is cheaper, however might be best to keep existing insurance as more involved with SBBC (softball BC) to take advantage of access to players. 
  • SBBC is more expensive but get more value and support a group that is supporting softball and our league. 
  • Direction is to go with SBBC. 
  • Cost is ~$140




  • Kerri met with Vancity re: signing authority. All processes from previous signing authority of Dana and Kerri have been removed. 
  • Mikayla announced that Katie and Ken now just have to sign the document and send to Tyler. Once forms are sent, Mikayla will make the final sign off. 
  • There is currently about $7600 in bank and subtract fees from last year and interest ~$20. 


SBBC update on Covid-19 restrictions


  • Likely restrictions lifting for 2022 season. 




Executive position list

  • There was discussion about updating positions on the Executive. 
  • Katie informed the group that the protocols for changing the structure of the Executive is outside of the provisions of the Constitution; a special meeting has to be scheduled in order to make those change and cannot be done during an AGM.  
  • There are currently 9 positions and if we are unable to fill all at this AGM, they will be empty seats but the positions themselves will be maintained. 


Executive Positions – Nominations and Election for 2022 season 

  • PRESIDENT: Elicia nominates Sanj; Sanj accepts.  
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Katie nominates Ken; Ken accepts.
  • DEVELOPMENT AND RECRUITMENT: Katie nominates Ken; Ken accepts and will remain in this position.
  • TRESURER: Ken nominates Mikayla; Mikalya accepts. 
  • SECRETARY: Ken nominates Elicia; Elicia does not accept. 
    • Sanj nominates Kristy McDonald; Kristy accepts. 
  • UMPIRE LIAISON: Liana nominates Sanj; Sanj accepts
  • Fields and equipment. EMPTY. 
  • Fundraising and events. EMPTY. 
  • Marketing and social media. EMPTY. 



New Business:


  • Kristy discusses providing team to Provincials. There was interest in this idea to put a team or two together. Requirement of 4 or 5 games to have been played in order to qualify. Planning will begin soon in order to coordinate. Discussion will be tabled at next few meetings to determine availability of players and who may be interested.  
  • Katie informs executive that Karen sent information on two tournaments coming up in spring icebreaker April 23/24 and May 27/29. As long as there are umps, those games will be included as exhibition games. More to come… 
  • Ken can reach out to Richmond for exhibition games. 


  • Next meeting with VWRSL Executive, Wednesday Feb. 23. At ~6:00 or 6:30pm. Sanj will send out a link to zoom prior to this meeting. 


Adjourned 7:15pm