2016 Trash Award winner Erika Jensen

Updated Wednesday October 12, 2016 by Jacquie Scarlett.

The Patricia "Trash" Johnson #45 Annual Memorial Award is a very special award in our league. Nominations are received from players across the league and then voted on by the VWFL executive.  

Congratulations Erika! Here is a sampling of those nominations: 

"We had a game this year where Erika wasn't able to attend. It was the most boring game I think the Panthers have ever experienced. We couldn't get our cheers right, it was super quiet on the field, and our energy was at an all-time low. "

"Anyone that knows Erika knows when she's around u can't not be smiling. She is a an amazing friend and playmate. With a true love for the game and it shows everytime she lines the field ( perfectly too) reminds the umps how many outs there is "ONE!!!"

"Erika is one of the best players to have on your team. She has so much character and humor that each game you play with her your face will hurt from laughing so hard. "