VWFL Playoff Rules

UpdatedThursday July 7, 2016 byJacquie Scarlett.

VWFL Rules - Playoffs


1. All games are to be played according to Softball BC Rules with the exception of the current 2015 VWFL special operating rules.

2. Each team must hand in two (2) new game balls and one (1) good backup at the beginning of the tournament.

3. Line up cards must include first and last name and jersey numbers for each player.

4. Scores are to be reported to the VWFL President or VP. Teams must choose an MVP from their opposing team and must be reported to VWFL President or VP at the end of your last game.

5. No player will play for more than one team in the tournament.

6. Both teams are responsible for field preparation at the end of their game. This will allow the following two teams’ time to prepare for their game.

7. Awards for league and playoffs will follow the last game on Sunday.



1. All umpire decisions are final—including rainouts.

2. Home plate umpire will give the official start time of each game to both teams.



1. The home team shall be determined by league standings for the first game only, then a coin toss throughout the remainder of the tournament.

2. All games, with the exception of the final, are 1.5 hours time limits (there will be no new inning after 1.5 hours). In the event of a tie, the game will go to international rules.

3. The final will be 7 inning games, or a 7 run lead after 5 innings. If tied at the end of 7 innings, extra innings will be played.

4. Extra inning will only be played in the final game.



1. If a team is protesting a game, they must do the following:

a) Tell the ump, before the game starts “I’m playing this game under protest”

b) Tell an executive member immediately.

c) Game protested will play out; however, no new game will be played until the protest is resolved.


A case fee of $25 must be submitted with the protest to the umpire. The fee will be returned if the protest is sustained.


*Note: protest fee will be re-evaluated for the 2016 season

2. All teams must have their signed line-up cards at the first game on Saturday.

3. All protests will be decided at the park.

4. A protest committee will be set according the special operating rules. All decisions are final.