Trash Award

Updated Wednesday October 12, 2016 by Jacquie Scarlett.

Patricia "Trash" Johnson #45 Annual Memorial Award
2016 Recipient:  Erika Jensen (Panthers) 
Presented by the MARGARITA'S to the V.W.F.L. Most "Spirited" Person
We remember Trash for her enthusiasm, dedication spirit and willingness to help anyone. Trash exuded a positive energy in everything she did on and off the field. She left us suddenly and far too soon. We have placed her number "45" on the back of our team jerseys, so she will always be with us. At the start of each game her name is always part of the team cheer. We and the league will always remember Trash and her love of the game and the amazing person she was.
Therefore, to be considered the person who exhibits the "most spirit" in the league, you are in great company. In addition Trash would be proud of the whom the players of the team picked for this award.
This award is presented yearly at the VWFL Finals. If you'd like to nominate someone for the Trash Award (coach, manager, player, etc.), please send your nomination to