VWFL Executive Roles

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VWFL Executive Members & Roles:


President –  Sanjini Mudaliar  - info.vwfl@gmail.com

  • Develop a strategic plan for the overall league direction
  • Develop policies and procedures for the league
  • Act as the escalation and resolution point for all league issues, concerns
  • Secondary signing authority
  • Ensure the overall success of the league


Vice President - Ken Shymka

  • Facilitates relationships between the VWFL and external parties e.g. VMSA, Softball B.C. etc.
  • Works with the President to help set the strategic direction of the VWFL to ensure ongoing growth and sustainment of the league
  • Supports the executive to deliver on any outstanding tasks
  • Secondary signing authority for the league


Treasurer - Mikayla Shymka - treasurer.vwfl@gmail.com

  • Chief signing officer for the league
  • Maintains financial records, budget and bank accounts to ensure the sustainment of the VWFL
  • Collect all VWFL money (e.g. League Fees), deposit it and keep account of it in official VWFL Treasury records
  • Issue receipts for all money collected and spent
  • Compile annual financial report to present to VWFL teams


Director, Umpires and Scheduling – Katie Jones  playball.vwfl@gmail.com

  • Manage relationship between league and umpire association - relay any concerns or issues between the two groups.
  • To setup the initial VWFL League schedule ensure that it is maintained, rainout games are rescheduled and that the schedule is communicated to teams in advance of the start of the season
  • To maintain records of the number of umpires, field conditions and charges for umpires and ensure that they are correct and accurate.
  • Communicate league and tourney schedules to the umpire organization - work through any scheduling conflicts
  • Rain outs:  Main point of contact for rainouts.  Teams must notify the umpire liaison of rainouts by 3:30pm for 6:45 games and 5:30pm for 8:30 games.  Notify umpires of any rainouts and work with the team to reschedule game.
  • Assist league Executive with all league initiatives and events


Director, League Development and Recruitment – Ken Shymka - playball.vwfl@gmail.com 

  • To create the league development and recruitment approach of the the VWFL supported by the Vice President and President.  May include – arranging clinics, setting up league social etc.
  • To create the league advertising approach
  • To distribute and assign all individuals who wish to play with the VWFL.
  • Follow up and track the success of the league development and recruitment approach.


Director, Marketing and Social Media – Ken Shymka / Shared - marketing.vwfl@gmail.com

  • To establish marketing guidelines including, print, online and social media for the VWFL
  • To create and maintain the VWFL website (including setup of online registration, ensuring the schedule shows accurately and scores and standings are updated)
  • Create and maintain the VWFL social media platforms


Director, Fundraising and Events – Shared by Executive - info.vwfl@gmail.com

  • Develop a social and fundraising plan and Calendar for the year (January 1 to December 31) for the league to encourage growth and enjoyment for new and current members and provides to Marketing Director to post on the VWFL website
  • Plans and executes on all social events and fundraisers to ensure successful delivery and reception by the league
  • Arranges for all prizes, trophies etc. to be sourced, purchased and
  • Organizes all social and fundraising events that support tournanments held by the league including year end tournament barbecque, toonie toss, 50/50 etc.


Director, Fields and Equipment – Shared by Executive - info.vwfl@gmail.com

  • To create an inventory of equipment in the boxes
  • To ensure all supplies in boxes are ordered and maintained and are in good working order
  • To ensure the field is in good working condition, orders any additional supplies needed throughout the season, maintains contact with the city to ensure fields are setup and maintained prior to and throughout the season.
  • To organize the annual work parties to ensure that the field is setup and ready for the season.

Secretary - Kristy McDonald 

  • Records all meetings held by the VWFL to ensure transparent documentation of all discussions held
  • Sends all communications on behalf of the executive in a timely fashion to team reps and executive members as well as external parties as necessary.
  • Collects team rosters and team contact information to ensure that up to date records of the teams is held by the league.
  • Assists in organizing the AGM e.g. booking venue etc.


Past President – Katie Jones

  • Past President is part of the protest committee
  • Assists current president